Message from Executive Director Mary Ann Malkoff

You’ll Tell Us!

These are creative times at Temple Beth Emet as we chart our way to the future. As we prepare for our Congregation Meeting on Tuesday, May 23rd at 7:30 pm, I wonder what your ideas are for Temple Beth Emet and Ezra these next many years? By the end of summer, the TBE Wish List for our future will be prepared for our leadership and your priorities will be included! Emails, carrier pigeons or scheduling a visit to let us know what you are thinking!

What you think matters! Of course, some issues are more critical than others. Brisket is high on my list! In June, we are having a Cook Off! The winning Brisket will have a permanent place on the TBE Menu. So far I have tried the Famous Ilene Levine’s Grandma Bess’ Brisket recipe at home. Wow! But might be too high in sodium…

I haven’t tasted your recipe yet! Please give a copy to the office, you might earn bragging rights for years!!! (Due to kashrut, we will be preparing all of the samples in our kitchen.) Vote for your favorite!

Need your help in another matter. It is a rough time for many in our synagogue. Just like we share our simchas, we are there for one another when we need comfort and support. From hugs to food, TBE’s community is here to help! We have plenty of hugs, tenderness and Becky’s famous soup!

Anytime you learn of one of us who need a call, card, visit from the Rabbis, added to the MiSheberach list, you haven’t seen for a while and you’d heard they were under the weather, please call the office. What if it is you? Even better, let us know specifically how to help you.  Also, if you would welcome calls or visits from friends, let us know so we may notify fellow congregants in our update emails or if you request, in Tidings.

We are republishing the favorite-sized directory at the end of May thanks to the wise advice from Renee Oran. We will be putting our emails in the directory, so make sure we have your newest email on record in the office, unless you tell us not too.

Hasn’t it been fun reading about all the good news? Keep reporting simchas, we can always squeeze in more cute grandchildren photos!