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Adult Education

We offer multiple learning opportunities through regular ongoing classes as well as seasonal workshops, short-term courses as well as speakers and special presentations. Check out our selection below, check our calendar or call the office for more information.

Early Torah Study (ETS) with Rabbi Berman​

TBE sets aside one Shabbat each month for communal celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries and any other s’machot (happy events). On the same day we have this “Simcha Shabbat,” we also have Early Torah Study. ETS starts at 8:30 in the Multi-Purpose Room with a light snack (if sponsored) The study wraps up by 9:25 so we can have an abbreviated preliminary service and join the traditional preliminary service in the sanctuary, shortly before the Barchu. Call the office to sponsor an Early Torah Study breakfast nosh.


After Kiddush Torah Study (AKTS) with Rabbi Berman

Once a month, in addition to Early Torah Study, we also have a learning session at the end of the Shabbat Kiddush lunch. On those day, we we bench (say Grace After Meals) a few minutes early, and continue with the learning, in the Multi-Purpose Room. The big advantage of AKTS over ETS is that we are not as bound by time, and can more readily get to your questions and comments.


Alternative Preliminary Service in the Sporn Chapel with Rabbi Berman

On every Shabbat morning (except when there’s ETS, see above) we offer a different way to warm up for the main part of the service. We get together in the Sporn Chapel for excerpts from the traditional preliminary service, but we have fun with new tunes, some explanations of the prayers, and a little learning to give a spiritual uplift before joining the rest of the congregation in the sanctuary for Shabbat services. With Rabbi Berman’s broad experience with prayer groups, it’s never the same thing twice.

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