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Shabbat Services

Friday evening services are held at 6:00 in the Chapel, followed by a free community meal, except for the last week of the month, when there is a Shabbat service at 6:00, followed by a speaker at 7;00.

Shabbat morning at Temple Beth Emet begins at 9:00 with a choice of either a traditional p’sukei d’zimra (preliminary) service in the Chapel or an alternative preliminary service in the multi-purpose room, except when there is Early Torah Study. Services then combine in the chapelat 9:45 for Shacharit. See below for more details and check the calendar for details

Early Torah Study (ETS)

Rabbi Berman leads ETS starting at 8:30 am in the Multi-Purpose Room with a breakfast nosh. Study wraps up by 9:25 am for an abbreviated preliminary service before joining the traditional service in the chapel shortly before the Barchu.


After Kiddush Torah Study (AKTS)

Rabbi Berman will teach after we bench (say Birkat HaMazon) after our Shabbat meal. You’ll enjoy that we are not bound by time and can easily get to everyone’s questions and comments.



Alternative Preliminary Service

Rabbi Berman leads us in the Multi-Purpose Room every Shabbat Morning (except when we meet for Early Torah Study, see above) to explore different ways to warm up for the main part of the service. We have fun with new tunes, explanations of prayers, and a little learning to give a spiritual uplift before joining the traditional service in the sanctuary. With Rabbi Berman’s broad experience with prayer groups, you’ll never experience the same service twice!


For specific dates and times, please check our calendar of events or call the office at (714) 772-4720

Alfresco Shabbat with Rabbi Berman,
Cantor Brooks, Dale Schatz and friends, like the Orange Jews and other guests.

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