June 2022                                                                                                                             Sivan  5782

A Message from Women’s League President Barbara Erler

On Shavous, my dad would always tell me (no matter the subject we would be talking about) it would take place on Shavous.  I would respond, “It’s pronounced Shavuot.”  This went on for years between us. Just like when he would walk into my house and pick up the earpiece on my antique wall phone and say, “Hello Australia, is Sydney there?”  Sydney became the middle name of my granddaughter Madison, who is no longer with us.  My dad was the backbone of our family and my biggest role model.  He gave me good rules/ laws to live by. Just like the rules/ laws the Jewish people got on Shavuot. So, I was not totally surprised when 11 years ago he passed away on Shavous. It was going to happen on Shavous, like he always said.


In addition to receiving the 10 Commandments on Shavuot. It is also a good time for us to say thank you. with gratitude in mind, Women’s League will host its annual Todah Rabah Luncheon on Sunday June 12. The luncheon is open to all Women’s League members.  There is no charge.  We will have entertainment, raffle prizes, and more. Our discharge and installation of officers will take place along with announcing our Woman-of-the-Year Award, along with our new Todah Rabah Award.  It is now time to say Todah Rabah (thank you) to the ladies. Thank you for making each of our programs so successful, most recently our Women’s League Shabbat. Thank you to Tamar Breton, Sharlene Schwed, Jenny Levy and Susan Baum. A special shout out to Carren Pulverman and Becky Roth for making our kiddish lunch and printed program so outstanding.  Thank you to Marion Rosenblum for making sure our Ruby’s Diner Fundraiser and our White Elephant Auction were successful.  The ladies of Women’s League continue to have wonderful events, as well as support the Temple.  


As this year closes and another begins, I wish to invite you to a very special program by renowned artist, Robin Steinmetz.  Her masterclass, to be held on June 26 from 1 to 3 pm, is called Peace by Piece Mosaics. She will conduct a class in which every participant will go home with their own mosaic Hamsa. Class size is limited so be sure to RSVP by calling me at 714-348-8788 quickly. Women’s League is underwriting most of the cost so the workshop is only $15 per person. The Hamsa can be hung or placed in a holder to display.  I look forward to seeing you at the luncheon and the masterclass in June after Shavuot.  


TORAH FUND – Mazal Tov to Laurice Singer for receiving the Renée Oran Chayei Olam Award.  Please honor Laurice by making a donation to Torah Fund. There are two ways to make your donations: 1) Send your check made out to Torah Fund to Yvette Brooks at 25 Harvard Court, Coto de Caza, CA 92679; or 2) go to the Women’s League site www.wlcj.org/about/torah-fund.