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April 2024                                                                                                                      Adar II - Nissan 5784

A Message from Women's League President Barbara Erler

Mystery Date, Barbie, Password were some favorite games when I was growing up.. My brother really didn’t like those games, so I played with my friends. When I was really lucky I played with my older cousin. I wore her out playing Barbie, Mystery Date and Steal the Old Man’s Bundle. Well, I still like playing games with friends.  You are invited to join in our Women's League Game Day, Tuesday April 9 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The cost is $15 which includes lunch and snacks. We play our games till lunch .  Then we enjoy lunch and schmooze  Then we return to our games.  We would love to have you join us.  Please RSVP to Marion Rosenblum @ 714–822-4795


As the month of April goes on, my mind is flooded with lots of memories: One being when I  was very pregnant and overdue with my first daughter. My dad was determined to get me into labor. It was 1982, and Ball and Euclid went up in flames. My dad     decided to have me walk with him through the Palm Lane Elementary School yard. It was so sad to see all of those apartments up in flames, including the one we lived in when we first arrived to California from New York. Tante Yetta Silverman was living in that area as well. When we finally arrived back home my dad looked and said, “anything ? Are you in labor?” That didn’t end up happening for another two weeks.


Meanwhile, we prepared for Passover. We always had  beautiful family seders at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Eve’s home.  The food was delicious. The lessons were very meaningful and the company was very special. As the years went on, the seders changed. I now had children and my dad led the seder for his grandchildren and then great grandchildren.  The last seder he led was 13 years ago. His first great-grandchild was 3 and the second one was 1.  It is important to make every memory count.


Fast forward to last year's seder at TBE when Irit Chapnick was still living here   She and I thought the bowl on the table  was cranberry sauce so I tasted it.  OMG it was horseradish. She was trying to help but she was laughing too hard. The heat finally started to settle.  Then came dipping the green vegetable into the salt water. There was only parsley. I am not a fan of parsley so I took as small nibble as possible. Irit found this hysterical.  I look forward to making new memories this year. 


Once again I will gather with close friends at the TBE Seder.  The food is fantastic, the leaders are outstanding and the company is what makes it wonderful. I really hope you will join us at the TBE Seder on Monday April. 22 @ 7:15 $40 members $45. Non- members.  Please RSVP in order to attend. 

 I will be there ready to make new memories with you. In the meantime enjoy all the love and preparation that goes into making your Passover special with your loved ones.


Wishing everyone a Chag Pesach Samach.

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