Men's Club

Men's Club


President:                Martin Solway

Exec VP:                  Larry Buff              

Admin VP                 Norbert Rosenblum

Treasurer:                 Gary Huniu

Corres. Sec:             Jack Lazerson

Recording Sec:         Ron Gross
Parliamentarian:       Jim Levy
Board Members:       Alan Meyers

   Gerald London 

    David Schiewitz     


Board Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Thursday of the month. All Men’s Club Members are invited.

A message from Men's Club President...Martin Solway

Upcoming Events

The Paid up Membership BBQ in August was a successful event. Attention to detail in the food service and the quality of the program, met with many complimentary comments by the attendees.


The Neilah service signifies the closing of the gates to the temple, and marks the end of the year. Simultaneously, gateway paths are opened to a new year. Especially at Yom Kippur, the level of intensity in our prayers is heightened, as we attempt to strengthen our divine connection to Hashem. Prayers are read, prayers are heard, but this is not enough. You must FEEL the prayers. When we lift up our voices in prayer, we must do so vigorously and energetically. The importance of prayer can be illustrated in this manner. As we absorb the sage advice of Rabbi Berman’s sermons, and the melodic tones of Cantor Brooks as he chants the service, these agents act as igniters. The feeling of our prayers act as the propellant that sends the holy spirit coursing throughout our veins to all parts of our body. This transcendence will permeate all aspects of our lives. Each new year we strive to increase our efforts in charitable giving ( Tzedekah), and acts of compassion and kindness (Chesed) to our fellow Jews and other human beings. By seeking avenues of personal growth, you can see improvements in your interpersonal relationships with family, and with colleagues in the work place, and in friendships with people in volunteer organizations and other social settings.

To add some perspective to the goal of self improvement, let us look to the Torah portion of the Binding of Isaac, the Haftorah portion of Hannah who is childless, prays to Hashem to grace her with a child, and then dedicates the child to the service of Hashem. In the Bible, the story of David, whom King Solomon pursued in jealousy to kill him, and later as King, his son Absalom caused him to flee and sought his death. These are some of the most dramatic events in Jewish History. What is the common thread that links these people. At some point in their lives, the protagonists were in great distress, but ultimately emerged in triumph. They were best served by their unshakable and unbroken faith in their fear of the Lord.

Some years for you may be good years, and some years not so good years, and some years very mediocre. Sometimes you may feel like you are in an extended losing streak. A parting thought, each year a new gate opens.

G’Mar Chatima Tovah!!!

Martin Solway – Club President