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Men's Club

 Upcoming Events

Bid N Buy Auction – Sunday, November 12th 1 PM

Please donate items from your closet, garage, or other storage facility. Donations from congregants supplement donations from our vendors. Restaurants, theatre, hotel getaways,  gift cards are a sample of items available at the auction. Please join us and have a great time.

​Men's Club


President:              Martin Solway

Exec VP:               David Schiewitz             

Admin VP               Norbert Rosenblum

Treasurer:               Gary Huniu

Recording Sec:       Mark Levine

Board Members:       Alan Meyers, Larry Buff


Board Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. All Men’s Club Members are invited.

Message from TBE Men’s Club President Marty Solway



News flash to young persons entering adulthood. Everybody starts at the bottom of the mountain. With the exception of those people born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Actually, they end up behind the mountain, as there is no value or utility to life’s benefits that are available on demand. Joy and satisfaction can only come when you earn life’s benefits through your individual achievements and efforts. To begin to climb the mountain you must first make preparations. Gather a support team with experience, and the proper equipment to launch your excursion to reach the top of the mountain. At first you may make significant progress in the  first day. Other days your progress maybe impeded by inclement weather conditions, slowing your ascent gains up the mountain face. You may reach a plateau or rock outcropping where you may rest for a spell. You can assess the topography of the mountain face ahead of you, and perhaps move sideways in either direction to areas with more conducive surfaces to gain better hand and footholds. If severe weather conditions suddenly develop or medical         emergencies arise, you may have to retreat to the bottom of the mountain, and rescheduling your climb for another day.


The above scenario is a mirror image of conditions or obstacles you may encounter in your life’s path, whatever choice of your endeavors you choose to pursue and advance. Life’s pursuits rarely move in a linear fashion, you may have to bob and weave around obstacles, or sometimes stay in place, waiting for the right opportunities to advance. Having the support of family and friends to advise and evaluate your decision options is a valuable tool. Taking advantage of educational opportunities and or vocational training skillsets is a wise choice.  Who knows you may decide to change career paths midstream in your life cycle.

Once you arrive at the top of the mountain, the measure of joy and satisfaction of achieving your goal elicits an exhilarating feeling, seemingly that will last forever. But the reality of the situation is at a certain time, you must begin your descent to return to the bottom of the mountain.


Once upon a time, I had the privilege to listen to a motivational speaker who had a friend who made a list of recreational and adventure items he wished to experience. Once that list was completed, he made a new list. His friend continued to repeat this cycle.


Perhaps, the secret of a successful life is constantly moving forward, advancing to meet new challenges.

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