Men's Club

Men's Club


President:                Martin Solway

Exec VP:                  Larry Buff              

Admin VP                 Norbert Rosenblum

Treasurer:                 Gary Huniu

Corres. Sec:             Jack Lazerson

Recording Sec:         Ron Gross
Parliamentarian:       Jim Levy
Board Members:       Alan Meyers

   Gerald London 

    David Schiewitz     


Board Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Thursday of the month. All Men’s Club Members are invited.

A message from Men's Club President...Martin Solway

Upcoming Events


Men’s Club has no planned programs for May and June. After being fully edited, the Yom Hashoah program will be posted on the temple website, for those congregants who could not attend the event.




The serpent manipulated Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge, and in turn Eve convinced her husband Adam to eat from the same tree. Hashem meted out punishment. The serpent was to crawl on his belly and eat dust.  Woman was to have great pain in childbirth. Man was committed to toil in the fields with hard labor. Hashem was faced with a dilemma. Should our principals be eliminated and Hashem start over with creation, or should the Lord reclaim and reshape man and woman who were created in his image. The latter option was chosen. Hashem added to the woman’s travail by saying thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. This relationship was intended to mean a deference of judgment, and as a preventative measure to avoid the repetition of sin. Adam was not blameless, but did not entice another human being to commit sin. This scenario vividly illustrates the old adage, actions do have consequences. In Hashem’s wisdom, a foundation was being established that led to some key precepts of our modern system of jurisprudence, degrees of culpability, and the severity of punishment to match the heinous degree of the crime. Hashem does remember as the role of the man becomes paramount throughout the Torah. Irrespective of the physical nature of the work, man was elevated to the priesthood and the Levites of a certain age were granted the privilege of serving the Lord in the tabernacle.


As we do know cultural shifts do occur from generation to generation. Seismic changes in the United States occurred in the 20th century. Congress ratified the 19th amendment on August 18, 1920, granting women the right to vote. In 1981, Sandra Day O’Connor became the first female to be seated on the Supreme Court. In more recent times multiple corporate scandals dominated the news cycle. The scandals were allowed to happen when key executives did not have the courage to do the right thing, and bowed to the will of an authoritarian CEO. This opened the door for boards of directors to seek alternative courses. Many women now serve as CEO’s of major corporations, as women were recognized for their keener sense of intuitive instincts. However, I do see the influence of Hashem. Tides and tables do turn, when you stray from righteous paths. The outcomes, once unimaginable, can happen.