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Men's Club

Men's Club


President:                Martin Solway

Exec VP:                  Larry Buff              

Admin VP                 Norbert Rosenblum

Treasurer:                 Gary Huniu

Corres. Sec:             Jack Lazerson

Recording Sec:         Ron Gross
Parliamentarian:       Jim Levy
Board Members:       Alan Meyers

   Gerald London 

    David Schiewitz     


Board Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Thursday of the month. All Men’s Club Members are invited.

A message from Men's Club President.....Martin Solway

Upcoming Events


February 2nd, 2020 FJMC Worldwide Wrap

Join your fellow Jews around the globe in laying tefillin, a fundamental tenet of our faith. Services will be held in the chapel. Details of the event will appear in the Tidings. NOTE: Please bring your own pair of tefillin. There are few sets of tefillin, available to lend.



Generally speaking, most people were exposed to building blocks in their early childhood years. Their composition was of wood, and numbers and letters were painted on the face of the blocks. This permitted sequencing, and a tool became available to teach children the alphabet, our basic numbering system and elementary arithmetic functions. Building objects of your choosing, fostered an atmosphere of creativity in children, coalescing in the reinforcement of the values of structure, order, and discipline. Being inquisitive by nature, children were prone to experimentation. They would remove a block or blocks, until the object would collapse, imprinting on their minds the old adage, the whole equals the sum of its parts. These rudimentary lessons will serve them well in any organized projects they attempt to accomplish in adulthood.

A parallel can be traced to the bible. In Nehemiah, Chapter 3, the children of the captivity in Babylon returned to Jerusalem, under the leadership and guidance of Ezra and Nehemiah, to rebuild the walls and gates of the temple. The families of the priests and the Levites and the goldsmiths were each assigned a portion of the building project to complete. Some families were larger in numbers than others, and some families possessed greater building skills, that could have led to a more expeditious completion of the project. So why do you think in Hashem’s infinite wisdom, he decided the rebuilding process should be organized in the prescribed manner that took place in the bible. The answer is simple on its face, but more difficult to reveal from the printed text in the bible. Hashem wanted everybody in the group of families to have a vested interest in the project. Establishing a sense of ownership through personal identification is the surest method to insure the holiness of the restoration of the temple will be respected, honored, and cherished in their daily lives.

What are the takeaways for us in our daily lives.

Do not be a Hazar(pig)(glutton)

Share with others in joyous occasions.

Work with others in a cooperative fashion.

What a beautiful world it would be, if we all practiced these principles in our daily behavior.