Men's Club

Men's Club


President:                Martin Solway

Exec VP:                  Larry Buff              

Admin VP                 Norbert Rosenblum

Treasurer:                 Gary Huniu

Corres. Sec:             Jack Lazerson

Recording Sec:         Ron Gross
Parliamentarian:       Jim Levy
Board Members:       Alan Meyers

   Gerald London 

    David Schiewitz     


Board Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Thursday of the month. All Men’s Club Members are invited.

A message from Men's Club President...Martin Solway



Our plan is to have the Paid up Membership BBQ on July 5th. We will monitor the re-opening of the temple, and if circumstances permit, more information on the event will follow.




Years ago we had a family outing at the Cube. On the second floor was an interactive computer exhibit, where you could build and alter a facial sketch, similar to what police artists use. The thought that impressed me the most was the blank head was the only constant. Looking into the mirror as a young child, you are amused by your image. As a teenager and young adult you are more concerned with your physical appearance. As a middle aged adult you are more apt to concentrate on cosmetic remedies to restore your youthful appearance. As a senior citizen, your first thought is to praise Hashem, for the fact you are able to see your image. Upon further introspection, a wry smile comes to your face. You look beyond your physical appearance, and are immensely pleased with the fact that you see your inner spirit is very much alive and well.


Life is like a kaleidoscope. As the lens turns, sometimes few confetti like plastic pieces appear. Turn again and sometimes many more plastic pieces appear. The few pieces represent the emotional lows in your life such as personal illness, financial loss, or loss of a loved one. The many plastic pieces represent the emotional highs in your life such as obtaining an educational degree, marriage, the birth of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and perhaps career advancement. The one constant is your inner spirit that sustains you through all the peaks and valleys and challenges in life.


There are numerous notable persons who have made major contributions to society at an advanced age. Particularly in the fields of religion, medicine, science, US presidents, other government and public service officials, academia and other scholarly pursuits. The other day in the news, a story appeared of a 94 year old Alabama woman who graduated with a high school diploma, 79 years after she dropped out of school.


The next time you look into the mirror, focus your power on rekindling and recharging your inner spirit. Then dream your dreams, pursue your dreams, work hard to turn your dreams into reality. There is no limit on your achievements, always remember you have your inner spirit in your hip pocket, to guide and propel you to great heights of accomplishment, that enables you to make contributions to the betterment of society.