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Message from President Susan Baum

Hope everyone had a Hanukkah filled with family, friends, food and fun!! January is a time when a lot of people make New Year’s resolutions. Usually it’s to lose weight or start going to the gym. Many of us fail miserably after just a few short weeks. I want to suggest some easier ones. Pledge to call someone you heard is not feeling well. It can make the world of difference to someone who has been shut in and not been able to go to temple.

Unfortunately, I know only too well since I just experienced this. I want to thank everyone who called and checked up on me. Our synagogue family is good about doing this and that’s why I call it a family. Many of our congregants do not have family close so they rely on temple members for help.

Continuing the same theme we are forming a new Chessed Committee.  The purpose of this Committee will be to prepare meals for our members in need.  In addition to preparing  meals we are starting a special Tzedakah fund.  If you know a temple member in need please contact the temple office.  More details will be forthcoming as to dates and time for Chessed Committee to  meet .  Please let us know if you would like to be a member of this committee.

Another resolution is to come to Friday night services. It’s much more hamish with a crowded chapel and lively dinner conversation. Whether it’s to say kaddish, hear a speaker or just BECAUSE let’s pledge at least one more Shabbat a month. On that note, we have some interesting speakers coming in the next few months on the last Shabbat of the month. Remember if you need a ride we have a wonderful transportation program.

During December we were bombarded with solicitations for donations so we could make the tax deadline for the end of the year. Well, it’s a new year so let’s start over. Sponsor someone for our paid dinner of the month, buy a tree in Israel in honor of someone’s birthday or just give for the sake of tzedakah.

The One Month Scholar Program of Orange County will be this month from January 5-30.  The scholar is Professor Paul Liptz and he will be at TBE Tuesday, January 28th. Make a resolution to come and study more this year.

Finally, there’s so much nastiness going on in our country and the world, let’s make a resolution to be kind. We mark the Jewish New Year by eating apples and honey so let’s do the same for the secular new year. As I said before, life is short make it sweet.

See you in shul,