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Lou Abramovitz


Ruth Zakowski


Susan Baum


Board of Directors

Howard Applebaum

Jennie Levy

Message from President Lou Abramovitz

The pit in the apple mirrors the pit in my stomach when I reflect on this year as your Temple Beth Emet President.  When you call to voice your committee concerns, I confess that I kvetch afterwards to the best listeners in my house, my dogs.  When I’m supposed to turn in my Tidings articles, they’re not on Jewish time, rather than on time.  Although I use humor to soften the blows,  I know I’ve not lived up to the precedence of past presidents, including Jordan Silverberg, may he rest in peace, my mentor and my reason for enlisting.


Greeting year 5784 means saying goodbye to year 5783.  It’s time to forgive, not forget our past.  I wish I could formally apologize to Silverberg for letting him down, but his humor and understanding live on in my blessed memory.


I can and will formally apologize to all of you for overcommitting and under delivering to meet your needs this past year.  I have been impatient and strong willed, impetuous and unapproachable too many times.  Thank you for bearing with me, and for motivating me to be eagerly involved in our temple affairs.


It has been a privilege to work alongside our board for the benefit our synagogue.  However, it has also been debilitating when disappointing people I care about due to differing perspectives.  I am truly sorry to those I have offended or overlooked in our shared goal of doing good for/by the temple.  I am happy to address any further concerns or criticisms you may have while making amends as we tie up loose ends together.


To my predecessors who are still around for help and inspiration (in no particular order):  Ken Levin, Jenny Levy, Barry Klatzker, Doris Jacobson, Susan Baum, David Weiss, Ed Davis, Dave Schiewitz, Jim Levy and other honorable menschen (apologies for any exclusions)—I have a newfound respect for you this Jew Year!


I am thankful for all you congregants.  I wish you fulfillment in your own reflections, as mine is  looking old and gray.  Am I really the only one at fault for that?  ...I forgive you Jordan.  I wish   everyone such love, luck, and learning. 


May you all be sealed in the Book of Life.

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