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Message from President Susan Baum

Here we are now in January 2021 and we are still meeting virtually. Remember when everyone thought it would be all over in a few weeks and we could get back to “normal.”  Well,

our “normal” of live stream and Zoom has gotten to be second nature.

 Speaking of nature, this month we will be celebrating Tu B’Shvat or New Year of the trees. Jews consider this day as a reminder to themselves of their duty to care for the natural world. Quarantining gave many people time to spend gardening. Like the victory gardens during WWII, quarantine gardens help families. Gardening together as a family forms a bond of togetherness as well as a love of nature. For instance, my son planted many herbs and vegetables with my 4 ½ year old grandson. He let my grandson plant the seeds, water and then harvest the crops. My grandson loved pulling the carrots out of the ground. Then, he grew so much basil that he shared it with friends.

A number of us in the congregation can’t garden anymore but we can still appreciate nature by simply taking a walk in the neighborhood. We have been encouraged to go outside as long as we social distance. So, go out and “smell the roses,” (If you can find any in bloom this time of year that is.)

This year Purim begins on Thursday, February 25. As you can guess, it will be celebrated on Zoom. You can still dress up in costume and instead of a grogger, you can make noise in any number of ways. An easy thing is to simply bang on a pot like we did as kids on New Year’s Eve or play an instrument. I’m sure you can come up with your own ideas!!

Our Thursday night Happy Hour lets us keep in touch and if you have an idea for one, please don’t hesitate to call me. Keeping in touch with our temple family will get a little easier as the office is working on a new printed directory. It will be distributed as soon as it’s hot off the presses.

During this pandemic I think that all of us have learned the importance of our health. Life is short so make it sweet!


CSP’s 20th Anniversary Scholar in Residence is Ariel Berger.

The series “The Jewish Love Affair With Stories” runs from January 3-31, 2021.

Register for Zoom classes at   See enclosed flyer for further information. As we are one of the sponsors, please support this series.

Thank you.




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