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Message from President Lou Abramovitz

The other day I ran into an old friend, a truck driver, and he was wearing a

stethoscope.  I asked him, “What’s with the stethoscope?”  He replied, “Whenever I go out, I always wear a stethoscope.  That way, in the event of a medical

emergency, I can teach people a valuable lesson about assumptions.”  I guess  it’s

human nature to make assumptions in absence of fact.  That old chestnut about assuming, based on the spelling of assume, is often true.  After hearing of some misunderstandings and confusion arising out of faulty assumptions, I thought this would be a good time review what TBE does and doesn’t do when a member must deal with the loss of a loved one.


The Temple is available to assist in locating clergy to counsel family and officiate at a funeral.  Rabbinical services for a funeral have never been covered by temple dues and TBE does not cover any direct funeral costs.  It is customary for the

family to provide an honorarium for clergy.  Once arranged, TBE can accept

payment of an honorarium on behalf of clergy, passing it along, should that be

 desired.  Regarding amount of the honorarium, TBE makes no recommendations, as everyone’s situation is unique.  As a point of information, in 2008 the Southern California Board of Rabbis’ Funeral Practices Committee set a standard

honorarium of $500 to pay ordained rabbis for officiating at Jewish funerals. 

By 2022 that standard had risen to $1,000. 


Post funeral, we provide a meal of consolation for the immediate family at no cost, however, donations are appreciated.  The office can help plan the logistics for the meal of consolation and shiva minions as desired.   It is our custom to announce a passing, funeral and shiva information through the TBE email database with the consent of the bereaved.  TBE still has an inventory of burial plots available for purchase.   Our section is located at Mount Olive Memorial Park in Costa Mesa.  This may be a reasonable option if no prior arrangement has been made.


This is not a topic I enjoy writing about, but I think it’s important to be informed. 

As an institution, TBE remains committed to sharing with and caring for our

community as best we can.



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