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Board of Directors

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Jenny Levy

Message from President Lou Abramovitz

I'm Immediate Past President, it’s a title that all synagogue presidents eventually look forward to.  There’s a lot worry and dread that disappears when a term comes to an end.  During the past three years as  President of TBE, I took a little time, not much really, to review each month as they passed by, but mostly I tried looking forward.  I guess I subscribe to the Satchel Paige quote, “Don’t look back; something might be gaining on you”.  I love Temple Beth Emet.  I look forward to every Shabbat; to each   kiddush; to the moments we share as Jews, as Americans, as human beings.  We live in a world that’s crazy, chaotic, and unpredictable. In contrast, TBE remains a safe haven where everyone is family, and I hope that I’ve contributed to keeping it that way.


Actually, in these monthly articles I’ve looked back quite a bit.  Most often it was to acknowledge, salute, and thank folks for giving of themselves.  That is a trend I’m obliged to carry on in this recitation, because without the participation of so many others, very little would get done.   Because the numbers are quite large, I’m only going to mention first names, which provides me with the added benefit of only feeling half as bad about names I forget to mention (a point of worry for a temple president). 


First, I must share how much I value each of my fellow board members.  This past year they included Howard, Susan, Jenny, and Ruth.  And our affiliate presidents, Marty and Barbara, who were in attendance at every board meeting.  Besides for keeping me in focus, this group, individually and collectively, impacted everything.  Their planning created some great programming and projects.  From concept to execution, they got it done.  I’m grateful for our staff members, Carren, Becky, Tony, Hector, and Deana, all of whom have gone above and beyond.  Likewise, our security folks, Reuben and later Jose.  A few years ago, when we downsized the Board of Directors, we knew congregants would have to step up and pitch in.  For their efforts I’m thankful for Barry, David, David, Alan, and Rick.  Of course, my attitude of gratitude extends to our regular clergy rotation, which over the past year      included Rabbi Joe, Eric, and Rabbi Marcia.   Finally, I can’t imagine what shul would be like without Canter Zev, whose positive impact on TBE goes far beyond what he does on the bimah.  As long as our congregation pulls together Temple Beth Emet will continue to go from strength to strength.  


The responsibility of filling this space in the next Tiding will belong to President David Schiewitz.  I know he’ll do a great job because he loves TBE and he’ll be working with the same great people.  When you see him, thank him for taking on the task.  When you see me, tell me that I look relaxed and rested.  See you in shul.

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