Message from Rabbi Berman


In lieu of May Tidings


As you may know, because of the current “Shelter-in-Place” situation, there is no Tidings for the month of May.
In its stead, we are giving you in this email some of the information that would have been in the May Tidings.
But first, let me just say that we had a perfectly lovely Zoom “Happy Hour” last night with over 30 connections (meaning about 50 people). It was really great seeing all of you, even if it was virtual. Thanks to Doris Jacobson and Barry Klatzker for the idea, and to Cantor Zev for leading the singing. Now, true, there is a small delay on Zoom, so no two people were singing in synch, but it was just amazing to hear everyone! It didn’t actually sound that different than we would if we were actually in the same room!
This will now be a regular event on Thursdays, so make sure you look for the Zoom invite in your email inbox for the time. It’s a great way to stay in touch, share things (not viruses!) in a group setting and just “be” with our congregational family. We look forward to seeing you there.
It’s an old Chinese curse: “You should live in interesting times.” Well, that’s what we’re doing, and the idea is to make the most of it. Are you calling your friends to just check up on them? Oh, and PLEASE, if you find someone in a situation where they need some help, let me know. We are all in this together, and whatever the grand plan is, our job in it is to keep it going. So stay in touch with each other and with me. You can always leave a message for me at the office phone, or email me at I’m here for you.
And: Just a reminder, our Shabbat and Holiday morning services will continue to livestream from our website at 9:30 AM. Cantor Zev and I will be there and we’ll be missing you in person, so join us online.

See you in cybershul,
Rabbi Berman

Below lease find Shabbat beginning and ending times, Birthdays, anniversaries, and yahrzeits for the Month of May 2020.
May 2020 Candle Lighting                                   Shabbat Ends
May   1   7:17 pm                                                    May   2   8:18 pm
May   8   7:22 pm                                                  May   9   8:22 pm
May 15   7:28 pm                                                  May 16   8:28 pm
May 22   7:33 pm                                                  May 23   8:34 pm
May 29   7:37 pm                                                  My 30     8:39 pm
May Birthdays                                    May Anniversaries
May  5   Robert Strickler                   May 18  William & Barbara Erler
May  5   Claire Weinberg                   May 24  Michael & Jaki Norris
May  7   Doris Jacobson                     May 26  Cantor Zev & Yvette Brooks  
May 11  Howard Applebaum             May 28  Julius & Vilma Aarons
May 13  Gail Gross
May 15  Kathy De Sena
May 15  David Weiss
May 16  Irwin Chapnick
May 20  Rabbi Joel Berman
May 20  Sharon Solway
May 21  Ang3la Friedman
May 21  Dr. Harold Kravitz
May 24  Maria Zimmerman
May 26  Judy Frankley
May 26  Larry Seabrook
May 28  Violette Shalom
May 29  Norma Claman
May 29  Arthur Roth
May Yartzheits

For Friday, May 1, 2020
May 2, 2020
   Morris  Ash*
   Julius Jay Baskin*
   Helen  Black*
   Arlene  Gottlieb*
   Anthony  Halperin*
   Anne Dora Lyon
   Joseph Tischler Menaker
   Selma  Naches
   Evelyn Gertrude Sherman*
May 3, 2020
   Irving  Feldman
   Sylvia Rosenblatt Kessler*
   Dr. Robert  Manasse
   Milton  Michaels*
   Isidore  Nadridge*
   Ervin S. Zane*
May 4, 2020
   Melvin  Abramovitz
   Louis  Entin*
   Rose  Lazinsky
   Dr. Henry  Manasse*
   David Charles Ross
   Alfred  Strauss
May 5, 2020
   Henry M. Deutsch*
   Ida  Goldblatt
May 6, 2020
   Adelle  Balikov
   Abraham  Siegel*
May 7, 2020
   Charles William Boggs
   Harold  Moses
   Arnold  Schreiber*
   Nettie  Wallack
May 8, 2020
   Sarah  Feitelowitch*
   Bella  Kravitz*
   Katie  Lieberman*
   Dorothy  Moss
   David  Oran
   Samuel  Roth*
   Jennie  Weissbuch*
For Friday, May 8, 2020
May 9, 2020
   Bernard  Becker
   Herman  Versh
May 10, 2020
   Rose  Frankel*
   Sadie  Kryshka*
   Morris  Nettler*
   Gania  Shalev
May 11, 2020
   Isidor  Apter*
   Arline Carol Huniu
   Adolph  Kimmel
   Lena  Lipman
   Michael  Roston*
May 12, 2020
   Regina  Jerus*
   Alex  Krongel
   Anne Bertha Moskoff
   Harris  Schwartz*
May 13, 2020
   Sylvia  DePerry*
   Morris  Finkelstein*
   Justus  Franks*
   Harry  Geller
   Ben  Sreiberg*
   Alvin Jules Weinberg
   Morris W. Weisbly*
   Pauline  Winter*
May 14, 2020
   Sylvia  Handler
  Irwin E. Jackman
   Lionel  Kahne*
   Joseph  Moss
   Charles  Weinberg
   Herbert  Wisoff
May 15, 2020
   Morris  Bernstein*
   Edith  Cohen*
   Ruth  Dvorin*
   Freda  Entin*
   Myra  Kahne
   Kolia  Sicoff*
   Anna  Siegel
   Simon  Weintraub
For Friday, May 15, 2020
May 16, 2020
   Sarah  Dudnick*
   Esther  Lichman*
   Louis  Mayberg*
   Celia S. Wedner*
   Jule H. Weissbuch*
May 17, 2020
   Elsie  Cohen*
   Ida  Cohen
   Edward Stuart Russell*
   Beverly  Violin
May 18, 2020
   Freda  Goldsman*
   Kenneth  Heerschap
   Nathan  Heideman
   Nathan  Morganstein*
   Irving L. November*
May 19, 2020
   H. Kelliher Bondar, M.D.
   Salem David Caplan*
   Barry  Chusid
   Ben  Etcove*
   Harriet  Guberman*
   Frieda  Handler*
   Idell Rose Lefand*
   Esther  Schaffer
   Lillian  Silberg
   Leona  Slanger
May 20, 2020
   Sofie  Alpern*
   Ivan Samuel Davidson
   Adela P. Evans*
   Elias Louis Gross*
   Ida  Haberman*
   Mark  Talbot*
   David  Walonick*
   Harris C. Weinick*
May 21, 2020
   Ida  Grossman*
   Jacob  Jerusalem*
   Harry  Kaplan*
   Harold  Lipman*
   Jim  Sultan
   George  Szekely
May 22, 2020
   Sylvia Bellovin Behrman
   Gussie  Friedman*
   Anna  Gross
   Morris  Horwitz
   Sheldon Jerome Karlan
   Sam  Shyken
   Bessie R. Silversmith*
   Karen  Woltin
For Friday, May 22, 2020
May 23, 2020
   Morris  Friedman
   Celia  Goodman*
   Chaya Bluma Gross
   Joshua Falik Gross
   Mojshe  Gross
   Reizele  Gross
  Wolf Hersh Gross
   Ben-Zion  Gross-Taub
   Chana  Gross-Taub
  Jonah  Gross-Taub
   Bessie  Heideman
   Ethel  Silverman*
   Leah  Stern
   Mojshe  Stern
   Shlomo  Stern
   Yitta Ruchel Stern
   Lewis  Wallack
May 24, 2020
   Ben  Blanke
   Harry  Davis
   Channa  Eshett
   David  Gross
   Rose  Leff*
   Norman  Tilzer
May 25, 2020
   Irvin William Kostov*
   Sydney I. Meyerson*
   Rita  Sokoloff*
May 26, 2020
   Mace  Goodman*
   Mahin Beroukhim Hassidim*
   Arnold  Katchen
May 27, 2020
   Bertha  Israel*
   Isidor  Newman
   Rabi  Ramesh*
   Robert  Solomon
   Neil  Wasserman
May 28, 2020
   Mamie  Nussbaum
   Fanny  Segal*
   Betty Louise Silverman*
   Ida  Steinberg
   Anna Pauline Waldman
May 29, 2020
   Ida  Babby*
   Gertrude  Breton
   Elliot Hillel Glasser*
   Mania  Jerusalem*
   Max  Kahne
   Donald  Koven
   William  Spergel*
   David  Welt*
 *=would appear on the electronic Yartzheit board on the designated week





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