Message from Rabbi Joe Mendelsohn

 Sukkot is the most joyous and universal of the three harvest festivals ordained by the Torah.  It marks the end of the
agricultural year as well as the summer harvest, and we are explicitly instructed by the Torah to rejoice with our family and community (Deuteronomy 16:17).  In that spirit, the Rabbis turned the common noun, hag (festival), into the proper name of the holiday, He-Hag (the festival par excellence). 
We’re given all kinds of reasons why we “live” in sukkot (or at least eat meals in them); “He-Hag” gives us one more.  This is the time of year when we “move in” to our holiday. It physically as well as spiritually encompasses us, bringing the concept of holiday, or holy day, to a new level.
This year, don’t stop with the High Holy Days. Continue the process, asking God to care for us in the New Year with the hoshanot and making the New Year sweet with challah and honey.

Gemar hatimah tova u’metukah
May our year continue to be sealed with goodness and sweetness. We wish you all the best.
Linda and Rabbi Joe